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About Axilion

Axilion Smart Mobility is an is an Israeli AI software company. Axilion focuses on developing, applying, and implementing software systems (SaaS) based on artificial intelligence (AI), which enable cities to manage their entire mobility system optimally. With Axilion’s solutions, cities can: optimize traffic flow, reduce air pollution, prioritize public transit, and improve road-user safety. 

Axilion’s solutions optimize traffic light systems’ timing using a comprehensive analysis of the traffic light network, road users, and network demand. The optimization of traffic flow is achieved without physical infrastructure changes or expensive hardware. Axilion’s unique platform is based on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure and enables the planning of  dozens of linked and timed intersections together, and updates them according to the city’s changing traffic patterns and even provides a future base for dynamic congestion fee-charging and connected autonomous vehicles.

Reduce Pollution. Reduce Congestion. Increase Safety. Today

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